And The Winner Is…

20.3 is a repeat!  This was my favorite workout in 2018.  The design of it is just like a brosesh… so naturally, I am looking forward to it.  But… without further ado, time to announce the Nutrition Challenge winners.  I loved to hear about the progress from everyone.  Things like, “I didn’t realize I would be on my phone so often while I mindlessly ate,” “Eating only at a table made me really plan to eat, so then I was very conscious of what I ate,” and “I’m really making an effort each day, and I’m realizing how life makes it easy to make bad choices when it come to what/and how I eat.”  This was the point, the nutrition challenge participants how a big order for these 8 weeks…. that is why it was a challenge.  They could only eat at a table… that is a piece of furniture that’s primary purpose is to have meals at.  It makes meal much more intentional and deliberate.  Second, they were given a choice of either no alcohol mainly because when drinking you makes bad decisions, or “No screens.”  That meant they were not allowed to eat while on their phones, watching tv, on a computer, etc.  Again it was an incentive to make every bite taken very intentional and meaningful… most commented on this rule being the most difficult because it highlights how we eat mindlessly, and after so long on our phones, or watching a show/s or movie, we aren’t paying attention to the amount of what we are eating and really just eating… to eat, and that become over eating and making bad choices.

So, I am going to start with third place.  This person is going to take 30% of the total entry fees of the challenge. Sabrina!  Sabrina lost almost 11 pounds and nearly 4 inches off her waist! Along with a few more inches across different measurements. She has been relentless in her habits for awhile now and they are paying off!  Congrats Sabrina!

Second place….. This individual is going to take home a new pair of CrossFit shoes!  Steve!  This dude lost 15 pounds, almost 4 inches off his waist, and lost from every single site we used in our measurements.  Steve actually sent me a pic that evening and actually lost a total of 21 pounds from his scale and our first weigh-ins so I wanted to add that because sometimes the time of day matters when we first weigh ourselves.  Oh yea… he also gained 25 pounds on his total!  Super impressive and studly! Excellent job Steve!

Ok. So now our first place winner of our 2019 fall Nutrition Challenge…………. Erica!! Not really a surprise if you got a chance to talk to her about what she’s been doing and how she approached these 8 weeks.  She was an eagle eye shootin dialed in all the way crossfittin’ beast!  Erica also lost nearly 4 inches at her waist, but also went down, not by fractions, but INCHES, everywhere!  The only place we didn’t see a change was her thigh… but we want dem quads so that’s all good and gravy! lol!  Which also says and validates her total score…. so, I included a strength piece I wanted to see if anyone lost a lot of weight, if there strength decrease. Usually research suggest that be a safe bet.  And if people were committed to their diets and made good choices the scale is many times a liar! And we have so many things shift and change it doesn’t tell the whole story…. so perhaps those individuals had some massive strength gains because they fueled their bodies with good adequate sustenance.  There are many factors to include.  Well Erica doing Erica things, PR’d all three of her total lifts!  What!? You can’t find that in a ACSM or Strength and Conditioning book!  Amazing Erica.  You are an inspiration and deserve it the first place title! Hard work always pays off.

Now…. one more mentions deserves to be noted.  Marianne.  This woman has come such a long way.  Over hills and mountains… crossed rivers and withstood the storms!! I would love to take a minute and mention that Marianne gained 85 pounds on her Total!! That is craycray!  She literally could have added an entire other lift to her previous total to get this kind of increase!  That’s truly amazing Marianne!  So for that you are receiving a very special honorable mention award that stands alone from most other awards.  Excellent effort and progress that deserves to be honored.  You are getting strong and it is showing!

Last but most definately not least. My mom. I know for a fact she followed all the rules.  I try to go over on Sundays to visit my parents and we made it a point to turn the TV off while we ate.  We grew up with the TV on.  It was just always on… so when we turned it off, “Because mom is doing a Nutrition diet and she’s not allowed to have the screen on,” it was noticed. Her commit is very honorable.  Also, we like to indulge every once in a while, so when our family went out to dinner everyone ordered drinks.  There’s Andres ordering whatever beer his dad get’s because he thinks he so cool and wants to be just like him… or my sister getting a beer for us and her husband at the house while we talk about things going on in our lives and playing poker… and mom passes, because “I’m not allowed to drink until the nutrition challenge finishes.”  Great job momma.


25th Of October Year 2019

Workout 20.3
For Time:
Deadlifts @225/155
Handstand Push-Ups
Deadlifts @315/205
50′ Handstand Walk/ Bear Crawl
*** Judges!! Don’t forget the tiebreaker time at the completion of each set of DEADLIFTS! That is where the athlete will have an additional component to enter as they submit their scores! There is a place on the score sheet immediately after the deads for this entry.***

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