Partna Workout!

Hoodies will be scheduled to order by Wednesday! Don’t forget to add your name to the list if you want to stay warm in our Tundra of a winter that we get in Southern New Mexico with an EXCLUSIVE CFLOTW Hoodie! They will be 50 dollars and you can pay when we get the hoodies in. I really just need a count with sizes to order so that I don’t over order like I did with the t-shirts (Hoodies don’t sell very well in the summer LOL!). I am ordering nicer Hoodies instead of those tight elastic fitting around the wrist and belly kind. Nothing the best for the Legends! ***IMPORTANT***  They did tell me to mention that these are a fitted style so better order a size up from your normal size!  If you aren’t going to make it in tomorrow text me with your size so I can have a confirmation of your size!  Worst case it is better to have a loose fitting hoodie than a tight fit…. makes you look more gansta too!


They won’t be this color… I think we’ll be going with a grey hoodie, but I wanted to show you the wolf from the back.  The front with have font representin’!

30th Of October Year 2019

I thought since we are having a fun Halloween Costume day, it would be a perfect day to also do a “Partna’ Workout!” Come in with your PIC (Partner in Crime)or bring a new face, and give this one a whirl!!
Partner Workout!
100 Double Unders – Each
30 Toes to Bar – Each
**Partner Dead Hangs on High Bars
50 Burpee Box Jump Overs – Together
75 Kettlebell Swings – Together
100 Buddy Tosses
75 Kettlebell Sumodeadlift High Pulls – Together
50 Burpee Box Jump Overs – Together
30 Toes to Bar – Each
**Partner Dead Hangs on High Bars
100 Double Unders – Each
Finish with 800m Run with Medicine Ball
**Switch out a single medicine ball between the two of you to complete 800m… take turns sharing the load!

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