Joseph Lee Is CrossFit

I usually don’t get home until late, so I apologize for having the remainder of everyone’s scores validated until now that submitted this afternoon.  They have been validated now so check out yo stats!!


Joseph Lee is CrossFit.  Kristin Wahlen had to do her Open 20.2 workout during this morning’s 9:30 class.  She’s shows up bright and punctual as usual, and begins her warm up routine.   I ask Joseph, half joking, if he wants to do that workout with her since he didn’t make it in Friday, and casually he says yes.  What!?  He had what everyone else had planned and programmed which is his jam.  But, in a very Joseph way he agreed to do this beast of a workout with Kristin and not let her go at it alone.  That’s a BIG part of CrossFit.  The term comradery gets thrown around a lot, but I heard many years ago Greg Glassman say that an Army Captain contacted him and told Greg he finally knows what it is…. “It’s a mix of misery and laughter.”  And that couldn’t be better said.  We understand that very well.  Joseph is always down for stuff.  He’s just that kind of dude.  A not just likeable trait, but an uncommon one.  I have a hard time doing anything I don’t want to do or that “Go with the flow style.”  It takes a certain individual to do that, and to do it well.  That is much of how I think and even would describe Joseph Lee.  Joseph Lee is CrossFit because CrossFit is also Joseph Lee.  Those interchangeable characteristics that make this, not just business or “fitness industry,” but methodology, and way of life different from anything else in the world.  There is nothing out there that does what CrossFit is doing at the scale that CrossFit is doing it at (Other than perhaps the Church)… and that is because of people like Joseph Lee.  Give him a big Ol’ hug next time you see him… tell him it’s from me… 😉

I’m pretty pleased with how our new wolf came out with the Zia Symbol behind it!! #thewolfiswatching

22nd Of October Year 2019 

4 Overhead Squats
3 Power Snatches
2 Squat Snatches

30 Walking Lunges with ONE Kettlebell
400m Run
50 Sit-Ups
400m Run
30 Walking Lunges with ONE Kettlebell
ME MU’s or ME Wallcrawls (Or both! HA!)

Look how cool my Dizz looks!! Sheeeee’s perrrrfect!!

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