All The Vibes

First off, a HUGE thank you to everyone who stayed to help paint this weekend. It was no small job and I’m sure you all had other things you could have done with your Saturday. Your investment in this gym and community is very much appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. My parents, as always, were right there, start to finish, willing to put aside everything to help.  I’m super pumped for everyone to come in and experience the “new vibes,” as you kids put it, and see your reactions to this little makeover and the feels that it has given the gym.

Also, a number of you have mentioned to me about wanting a hoodie. I finally finished the design! Please provide your hoodie size on the white board by the assault bikes. They are unisex sizes so take that into consideration when choosing your size. I will be sending it out soon so please let me of your size ASAP and we can get our hoodies quicker before our short lived New Mexico winters are gone!


28th Of October Year 2019

1 Back Squat with a 10 Sec pause at the bottom + 2 Back Squats with no pause – Build to a Heavy

There is a funky smell from the paint. It’s not nearly as rank as it was when it got put up, but bare with us as it gets aired out.



200m Run
40 Medball Sit-Ups

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