Better Gym Color For Better Vibes

The Nutrition Challenge winners are…..!!!!! I will release the winners in Thursday’s blog. Sorry guys, it’s a close one, but I hope we all are still keeping up with good habits and smart choices!

I will be painting some of the gym Saturday after the Open.  I wanted to do it this week but I don’t want that paint smell for the Open so the best bet is to do it right after our Saturday event!  If you don’t have plans and would like to help paint your gym a cool new color, your are more than welcome to join me… actually please help!!!! I hate painting.  If the topic has ever come up you’ve heard me mention how much I despise this task.  I don’t know why, but I just hate it.  I like to think I work hard, but when it comes to painting I’m not even going to “be strong,” and “push through,” because this is the one thing I just can’t stand. lol.  Sounds silly, but there it is.  I’m a sham!! It shouldn’t take very long, and on a serious note, if you don’t have plans this Saturday, and would like to get a little dirty (like a true Merican), then I would greatly appreciate your help and I will order lunch for everyone as a thank you.

23rd Of October Year 2019

4 Sets of:
45sec Weighted Plank Step-Ups
8 Ring Dips
8 Bent Over Rows

__a_/_b__ **a) If you legs are wrecked do SDLHP b) If your back is wrecked do
10 Thrusters
10 Box Jumps
10 Pull-Ups ** If your hands are destroyed don’t make them worse… do push-ups
** This one is a LADDER workout for ONLY BURPEES… I figure we already saw burpees in the Open in week one so the chances of them coming up this week are slim. We are increasing them by 3 every round!!

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