Friday Funday

Here’s an old video that still get’s talked about and referenced in the CrossFit community! Chris Spealler is a Legends… almost as much as you guys! ūüėČ 12th Of July Year 2019 Conditioning¬† AMRAP 8 12 Power Clean and Jerks @95/65 40 Double Unders Rest 5 Mins AMRAP 8 6 Power Clean and Jerks @165/115 … More Friday Funday


  The focus of this blog post is written below… this is for funzies. I posted of the insta these pics and just wanted to share here as well. I was beyond pleased with how these silicon bands came out. Now the question is how to get one on Dizzy?? These will be 3 bucks … More #CFLOTW

Friday Hours

For the morning crew. I talked to a few of you on Wednesday and we’ll stick to what we discussed. We’ll only have 6am for the early morning classes. All other classes will remain the same. 5th Of July Year 2019 The CrossFit Total! I don’t know if we’ve ever done this but it reflects … More Friday Hours

Clang and Bang!

Regarding Friday’s in house benchmark workout, this week I want to hit a classic CrossFit bench each day.¬† Will Fran show up? Stay tuned to find out!! Every time I watch Danny Broflex, I somehow start acting like him… coincidence?? I DON’T KNOW!¬† Monday is for a little clang and bang! 1st Of July Year … More Clang and Bang!