Clang and Bang!

Regarding Friday’s in house benchmark workout, this week I want to hit a classic CrossFit bench each day.  Will Fran show up? Stay tuned to find out!!

Every time I watch Danny Broflex, I somehow start acting like him… coincidence?? I DON’T KNOW!  Monday is for a little clang and bang!

1st Of July Year 2019

“Grace” or as Danny Broflex and I like to call it… the appetizer to the weight buffet!
30 Clean and Jerks @135/95 for time!
**You will want to try hook gripping sooner or later… you can practice on these 30 reps!

More Conditioning
EMOM 16 – Alternating
10 Back Squats
1 Full Min of Air Squats
10 Pull-Ups
1 Min Rest

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