LEGEND Of The Month!


I know we are in the middle of the month, but better late than never, and I’ll make it up to this person. I generally like to give The Legend of the Month award for reasons other than just performance based, but for character, integrity, passion, valor, and attitude. This Legend of the Month is the full package. So the reasons will speak for themselves. Kristin Wahlen has been performing by all definition, outstanding. Put a barbell in her hand and she is going to PR, at least that’s how it’s been lately. The crazy thing is, that is Kristin’s mentality. She is going to do her best… Period. And it shows, not just occasionally when it’s a good day, but every day. How you do anything, is how you do everything. You can see that in many walks of life… if you pay attention. Kristin is a go getter, I really admire that about her. She PR’d on the CrossFit Total… multiple times. She PR’d her front squat on a day we did doubles in an EMOM. She PR’d her Snatch when we built to a heavy single when we got our new bell in… multiple times that day, and for good measure she hit it more than once just to make it a better lift! That’s crazy! That’s amazing! Just yesterday she was “practicing” her bar muscle-ups while I had my 6 week Women’s challenge group and I heard, “ANDRES!” I turned quickly and had to look up because Kritin was above the bar… with no band! I ran up and gave the infamous high-five and asked if she could do another because we all know coach has to see for validation (or video proof 😉 which she had, because she was recording it to watch her form). She hopped up, gave a kip, and guided herself back behind, around, and above the bar flawlessly! No chicken wing and beautifully done. I dropped my jaw and then smiled. A series of Kristin’s recent milestones and achievements raced through my mind. She is a medic and recently became a firefighter for the city, a great achievement in its own, and just some background info. With all the above moments, Kristin always has a smile on… you know that smile that makes you smile back. She comes in does work, never complains (like never, I can’t think of one time), get’s to ring the PR bell and goes on with her day, always leaving this place a little better than it was when she came. Congrats Kristin!!

15th Of July Year 2019

8 Thrusters
8 Toes To Bar
30 sec Double Under Practice/ ME DU’s

6 STOH @155/110
7 Back Squats
9 Burpees

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