Wednesday’s Benchmark Workout


“They say chess is a game of the mind… but I think it has more to do with the body.” This one is probably my favorite Danny Broflex video. Watch til the end cause it’s the best part! haha!

I love these benchmark workouts because they give you an evidence based approach to fitness. Monday I saw huuuge PR’s from people’s Grace time. That’s my intention. If we’ve done them great, this is a retest of a specific and desired stimulus. If it’s our first time doing it, also great, we are established a baseline, or starting point, of again, said specific and desired stimulus. There are so many great and wonderful workouts, but I feel like these, every CrossFitter should have done and have recorded times with. If you want to get in a Thursday workout, I recommend doing a Classic Cindy (A full 20 MINUTES!), Isabel, Randy, Jackie (almost did that one today, but we had pull-ups already 2 days in a row), Nancy, Nasty Girls, or any running benchmark. I’ve resisted programming a running workout, only because it is scorching hot outside during a couple of the afternoon classes…. you’re welcome.

3rd Of July Year 2019

-It’s like Fran…. It’s gotta be done! This one has even came up in the Open

**We’ll stretch a bit, recover some, and converse during this time

This next piece has a cool little story behind it. When CrossFit was first starting up and people in different walks of life were catching wind of it, there was a guy some of you may remember named BJ Penn. He is a former mixed martial art champion. Old school cool dude. He showed up at CrossFit Santa Cruz one day and they just came up with a workout (the one below except of wallcrawls he did wallballs). They ran him through that workout, and at completion with him lying breathless on the floor they asked him how it was?! He replied that it was like a fight that had gone bad. haha. So hence, and where it got its name “Fight Gone Bad.”

Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds for total reps in 17 minutes
1 Minute Wallcrawls
1 Minute Sumodeadlift High-Pulls (75/55)
1 Minute Box Jumps
1 Minute Push Press
1 Minute Row
1 Minute Rest

Also Sarah wanted me to mention if anyone wants to go on a hike on the 4th of july she will be organizing one that morning. Contact Sarah if you are interested.

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