Ask And You Shall Receive!


We’ve been in need of a new PR Bell and I finally got one!  I’ve been wanting to get a nice bell since we opened.  Solid brass just like they use on ships.  I had it engraved just like the last bell we were use to because I really liked, and appreciated, John Avila for donating that for us.  “Do the Common Uncommonly Well.”  That always carried truth in the methodology Greg Glassman created and promoted, and was one of many things he taught that set in stone certain core principals to me.  In life, we do many common movements.  We sit down in chairs and stand out of the them, and by all definition that is a squat.  We pick things up, and whether we place them somewhere else, or put them right back down, that by definition is a deadlift.  Think about yard work, or helping a friend move, or in your job, these movements are very common.  In the gym, we learn to do them, “Uncommonly” well.  We have a name for that…. it is called Virtuosity.  Here are some perfect demonstrations of that from Friday’s CrossFit Total.  Annnnnd, since we got a legit bell now, we HAVE to break it in! Let’s see some PR’s tomorrow!



8th Of July Year 2019
Establish a 1RM SNATCH

15 OHS @95/65
200m Run
5 Sandbags Over The Shoulder

Oh yea, and remember…. “A steady drip wears away stone.”

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