Tie Dye Woodstock In Las Cruces!


img_7874These past couple of days were tough! Great job getting after both days and heck of an effort from all the classes… Joseph you are a warrior!! Tomorrow we’ll have a reverse model structure as we had today. We will mainly address, focus, and train with body weight stuff because today was a HEAVILY dominate barbell day. Also, we have another ladder, but this time it’s ascending and in larger increments… let’s test our arithmetic’s with a high heart rate. The AMRAP’s may begin at different times, so some of us may have to start on the second AMRAP… the order does not matter today.
Also, I’ve mentioned to a few of you, but I’m announcing it here now. This Saturday we’ll have a tie-dye sesh after brosesh! I’ve always liked tie-dye, and have never owned anything tie-dye or even made anything like that in school (what is this world coming to!?!?). After speaking to several people that haven’t made tie-dye either, I figure we have to change that and have a day where we bring in a t-shirt, or whatever you wanna make, and we can all make it together! I’m pretty excited about this, and should be fun! Maybe we’ll order pizza or something healthier like water. Bring yo tie-dye buddy and tie-dye making kits and we’ll have the Woodstock of tie-dye parties while watching some of the CrossFit Games this Saturday!!

31st Of July Year 2019

AMRAP 10-30
Ladder Increasing by Relative Starting Reps
5 Pull-Ups
10 Double Unders

Rest 5 Minutes

AMRAP 10-30
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
20 Wallballs

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