Bon Voyage!


There will be a going away dinner for Sarah on the 20th at a local restaurant called Santorini. I’ve never been there, but I hope to see all you there as we send Sarah off into her new chapter of her life.

16th Of July Year 2019

Establish A Heavy Power Clean + Squat Clean -(2+1)
***Today this complex must be Touch-N-Go with the given sequence***

For Time:
30 Single-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges (15 per arm)
20 Power Cleans @70% Of Established Weight From Above Strength Work
30 HSPU’s
10 Muscle-Ups
400 Meter Run
10 Muscle-Ups
30 HSPU’s
20 Power Cleans
30 Single-Arm DB OH Walking Lunges (15 per arm)

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