Venom Is Spicy

Adding our new Legend to the wall soon. Super proud of you Kristin! Keep doing your amazing “you” and ride that wave of progress!

The first workout for the Desert Games is called Venom. I believe it will hold very true to its name. We’ll all hit this one mañana and test it out for some data!  We still need several males to team up with our nonmales athletes that have their names on the white board.  Check out the info on this workout that’s available on their Instagram page.  It’s an actually very doable workout… well designed and effective… but doable for us.  You have done many worse and more challenging, so if you feel like competing is too out of reach, think again.  And the fun part is we’ll be doing it together, with you team, and of course, your gym fam!

17th Of July Year 2019

3 Sets of:
2 Min Sandbag/Slamball Hold
10 High Box Jumps

Power Snatch (75/55) (85/60) (95/65)
Overhead Squats
C2B Pull-Ups

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