Excellence #belikejohn


This is the view of a new member coming into our community… our home away from home.


Now this is the view of the same gateway (door), but from your perspective. Notice a difference? We are looking from the inside out… from our comfort zone… from a safe place. We all were on the outside looking in at one point, so I am going to implement a new rule. If you see a new person and pass by them without introducing yourself or saying hi, there will be a 20 burpee penalty paid by the ENTIRE class! This is not meant to be a punishment, but rather an incentive to make a new member’s early experience in our community a positive, kind, and welcoming one. Some of you are already fantastic at this. John for example always goes above and beyond introducing himself to someone he hasn’t seen before and asks questions making them feel more comfortable and welcomed… I love that! #belikejohn Think back to your first class and your first exposure to this place… did anyone come up to you and say hello? If not be the change in this world that you would like to see… I made that up… me. Haha just kidding, that was Gandhi I think.


23rd Of July Year 2019

4 Sets Of:
8 Single Arm Turkish Sit-Ups (Per Side)
15 Dual Lift Overs
8 Alternating Single Leg V-Ups
2 Minute Double Under Practice

400m Run
8 Power Cleans
***Each Round Increase weight***
18 HSPU’s

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