Active Recovery


I looked around today after talking with John and realized a mistake. I’ve let Thursday’s go to waste. It’s always been a forced recovery day, and if anyone wanted to come in the facility and the equipment was available to be used as a make up day or work on certain weaknesses. That’s true… but we can do more. This is also a great time available for those of you that want to add more what you are doing… and that includes active recovery. So every Thursday I’m going to have an active recovery flow session for whoever wants to take advantage of that. If we are sore and tight the best thing to do is to MOVE! On the other side of that, the worst thing we can do is stay on the couch and limit how the body effectively clears out garbage and inflammation. We can still use Open Gym as a time to get another workout in, (I love that) but also we can do more to improve the quality of our training by adding in some different aspects of training, that being how to recover.

Before I forget, the video below is one that I was talking about with the 930 class on Friday. Considering the craziness of the white board that day it reminded me of an SNL video that was too good to not share! “I need jibbidy jibbity, jibbity, jibbity, and Hook!” You’ll understand after watching the video. I think I found some new coaching tactics.

26th Of July Year 2019

15 Minute of GOAT training
**This time will be spent on practicing a certain skill (of your choice) that you want to improve one. Use it to further progress your tools that will develop proficiency with whatever that may be…. or use this time to introduce yourself to a new skill! Ben Bergeron says that “Training is sacrificing progress now for future benefit.” I couldn’t agree more. If we are going to practice Muscle Ups, we’re not going to throw them in a workout today and not have a good workout. Instead, we’ll slow things down and “Practice” them outside of a workout setting so that in the future, after we have trained them enough, we can have a level of capacity with this skill that’ll allow us to keep our intensity high and be able to perform the movement safely, effectively, and get what we all want out of our training… GAINZ! I use to do this with a ridiculous attention to learning each movement. I feel that now people see the later works of that… what was missed was the ridiculous about of time I spent understanding each movement. I spent literally years doing Pull-Ups almost everyday… I learned how to do bar MU’s on a bar at a Globo gym that had Knurling on it so every time I did 30 MU’s for time I had 4-5 quarter size tears on each hand. I don’t want that for you, but intentional time was spent developing what later became a strength and something that could be relied upon. The later phases of the artwork of an artist is always the sum of why art is so incredible. At first it’s just shapes and shades of the grey scale, but as the artist continues laying down that pencil on that page it begins to take form, and becomes something beautiful to appreciate.

AMRAP “Your Age”
10 Dumbbell Cleans
10 Box Jumps
10 Dumbbell Push Press
10 Pull-Ups
**No barbell tomorrow… I know that’s Crazzzzy! But, you can do anything you can with a barbell with DB’s, if not more… even get stronger. By all means go a bit heavier on this one using those Db’s!

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