CrossFit At Harvard

Instead of writing my usual chapter in this ongoing novel of human performance, movement, and self exploration I wanted to share some videos you may not have seen that circulated this cultivating growing community a few years ago in its probably biggest period of popularity and expansion.  Here, Greg Glassman was invited to Harvard Divinity School to share with them, what I believe is the answer to, “Why CrossFit.” They are all very short highlights of the interview that I think I put their correct order that shouldn’t take very long to watch.  I’ll have the full interview that Harvard put on their channel at the very bottom of this blog so that it doesn’t get tossed in with the clips from CrossFit HQ.  I don’t know about how they titled their video, but the content is still the same.  There are some really great video with Greg out there you can find by just typing in Greg Glassman on YouTube, but I will put some up on this platform periodically.

29th Of July Year 2019

Back Squats
8×3 @85%

3 Rounds for time of:
10 Clean and Jerks
3 Rounds of Cindy

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