EMOM’s Are For Fridays!

Tomorrow’s workload will be only one workout… trust me, it’ll be enough! For those of you that were there for weightlifting today, I will get with you tomorrow and give you some options for your workout since this one is very similar. Have fun with this one and make it to your return from it very intentional. I’ve really enjoyed the odd objects that we’ve been using so I plan invest more and keep bringing more of these movements little by little. Also, it’s about last call for Desert Games teams to get set and signed up. I saw a post from them today showing only 3 scaled teams, and 4 Rx’d teams left. Mark and Aaron we can talk about who we can make a team with… but WE NEED GUYS! All the ladies have stepped up and shown interest. I’d love to have a couple more teams so we don’t leave ’em hanging. The sooner the better to make sure we can get registered before the spots fill, and we need to have the teams assembled to begin team practices. With that being said… this Saturday try and make it for brosesh if your are competing because we will start team practices! This is fun and always get’s us to come together in a very special way. Everyone that has done it before can always come up with a few stories from the “time they competed.” Let’s get to work!!

19 Of July Year 2019

EMOM 30 – Alternating
12 GHD
Strongman Implement (Choose between sandbags, axle bars, farmer’s carry, Yoke)
12 Heaviest Kb’s Swings (choose a kb you’ve never tried before)
10 Burpees
5 Power Cleans

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