Position and Perspective

The Tabata workout today was a bit more difficult than I remember it, but I like that.  It’s funny how you forget the nature of a storm unless you are actually in it.  Like most of what we do in the gym, it can be related to life.  It has to do with your perspective of things…. and your perspective of things has to do with your position.  When you were doing your Tabata I bet not many other thoughts were going through your head other than counting down the seconds until the interval ended.  That was mine anyways.  When you first come into the gym or driving to it your interval environment is completely different than 5 minutes into the 3-2-1 countdown.   It’s because you are in the storm.  When I went into Walmart today, I kept wondering how much their electric bill is.  It’s a huge building!  But if I ever got invited to fly in Steve’s heli and we flew over Walmart the building would look tiny.  My position dictates what I am seeing and how I am seeing it.  In the storm it is a mess.  Life can be messy sometimes and what we see is the mess.  We perceive it to be what the storm wants us to see, and many times it is a lie…. sometimes we just need a look from a different position to see through the mess, and see what other perspective there exists.  Sometimes that makes all the difference.

29th of January Year 2019

Alternate with:
Bench Press – 5×5
GHD Sit ups – 5×15 (if 15 is easy, feel free to grab a medball or plate and make them weighted)


75 Kettlebell Swings @53/35
50 Wallballs
25 HSPU’s

Oh yea and remember, “Don’t ever write a check with your mouth you can’t cash with you ass.”

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