Ready For Anything

Super fun day mixing it up. CrossFit in a very honest example of its definition, notion, and methodology literally picking the workout out of a hat! The 2007 CrossFit Games was actually structured just like that with the infamous Hopper on Dave Castro’s ranch. When I went to get my Level 2 I actually got to touch it! Lol. Be generally physically prepared for whatever life throws at you. What would happen if you are chased by a dog and have to kick, jump, climb, or do what ever you have to do to get out of that situation ok and hopefully your raining has beat prepared you. Even look at what movement did you least what to come out of that old hat?? Work on your weaknesses until it isn’t a weakness anymore and then find a new one, so on and so on. That’s the purpose… that’s the intention. Along with enjoying the journey.

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