In honor of the Holday tomorrow we will have normal scheduling for all of our classes. So get your workout in, and if you are one of the fortunate ones to get the day off, I hope you make the most of the warm January weather we should have tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have a “push and pulling” theme. These two simple, but elegant, actions are necessary for most of movement. Think as simplistic as gravity pulling down on you and your resistance pushing down against it with every step you take in your day. We do this intentionally hence “resistance training”… training against some kind of load. In my college days (back when I was college…. that ones for you Doris!) one of my favorite classes was biomechanics. If I had gone to a continue my education it might have been in a biomechanics graduate program. In this class we discussed and analyzed movement in a few ways. One was through the expression Of movement as other forces influence its motion… think of inertia or even just momentum. Mathematically it should actually be very difficult for a human to move… yet alone do multijoint complex movement patterns. And to make things more difficult to calculate much movement is done with some degree of load or additional resistance and at relatively high speeds. That was about half of my tuition in a bout half a paragraph so I’ll save the remaining last year for another post but, just to finish, pushing and pulling is so elementary that you do it without even knowing! So we’ll do some intentional pushing and pulling training tomorrow!

21st of January year 2019 
3 rounds of: (Alternating)
1a. Single-Arm DB/KB Upright Row (10 per arm)
1b. Single-Leg RDL (10 per side)
1c. 8 Bent Over Rows with 3 Sec pause at the top
1d. 15 GHDs

2. 22 Mins of:
3 Rounds of
*10 Push-Ups
*8 Push Press 115/75
*6 Ring Dips
15 Squat Cleans 145/105

“Oh yea and remember, for those who fight for it, life has a flavor the sheltered will never know.”

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