Back To The Bar!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had some pretty awesome food for the potluck!  Thank you everyone who came and brought all the tastiness.  I know there was a few people that couldn’t make it, so we’ll have to do something like that again soon.  Tomorrow’s Tabata is to test your “Will,”  (We will be seeing a lot of this with different formats).  How long can you hold on to the bar?  Can you get 1 or 2 more reps before the 20 seconds ends?  Can you maintain your effort throughout the 8 intervals?  A Tabata is scored with the least amount of reps throughout the 8 Intervals so, for example, if on your first round you get 15 reps you want to keep your reps for the remainder of the intervals at that or higher.  If let’s say you drop to 5 reps at some point your score is now 5.  Higher the number, the better the results! 

28th of January Year 2019

Back Squat – 5×3 with 3 second pause at bottom of squat
***Between each set of back squats complete 1-2 mins of Double Under Practice

Complete a full 8 Intervals of one before moving to the next movement. 1 minute rest between movements
Hang Power Snatch @ 75/55#
Thrusters @ 75/55#
Overhead Squat @ 75/55#
Push Presh @75/55#

Competitor’s Template

Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean – (1+1)
Min 1-5 @75%1RM
Min 6-10 @80%

Deadlifts @315/205
Muscle Ups

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