New Beginnings

Let the training begin!  I’m beyond excited to see the new year unfold.  This is an ambition I’ve thought about for almost 1/3 of my life.  You all make it fun.  It’s new and excited every single day.  I love what I do and all those around me.  So thank you everyone from the bottom … More New Beginnings

Go Colts!

It’s Friday Funday people!  NFL playoffs, burgers, and ordering gym equipment.  I’m pretty set!  I’m hoping Indianapolis takes down Kansas City for that one Chiefs fan out there… I’m joking it’s looking to be a pretty good game.  Let me know who you think is going to take that “W” or if your team is … More Go Colts!


I heard a neurologist say once that one of the most important things for a child to learn is to learn how to read.  This is important so they can learn how to do other things.  It is absolutely a significant part, if not “The” significance, of the foundational structure of someone’s learning curve.  I … More Foundation

Play Time

Just a reminder that the 6am class is back on the schedule!  For those early birds I will see you tomorrow! Most of you have played dodgeball for warm up.  Since our old balls are gone I got new ones!  We’ll play Wednesday since Tuesday misses some of the classes.  On another note, David has … More Play Time

First off, I’d like to say it’s been a great first few days so far, so thanks to everyone for being so supportive.  So, to show how much I appreciate everyone, I want to thank you by giving you this…. Tomorrow we will be using a little of what we do have so far.  Good … More

Same Schedule

Just a reminder that we are keeping the same schedule with the addition of the 6am class on Tuesday.  Also, Thursdays are still Open Gym which I encourage everyone to take advantage of and work on those weaknesses, any skills and drills, get gymnasty, or just get another workout in.  Gym opens at 3:30pm and … More Same Schedule

Gym Opening

Our first day back open will be Wednesday January 2!  The schedule will stay the same but on the first day back we’ll only have our evening classes starting at 3:30pm.  I’m very excited about this and appreciate everyone’s patience.  I hope we can start the new year with a bang and keep that momentum … More Gym Opening