Let Our Name Echo Across The Land

“Find out who you are in life, and then do it on purpose.” Dolly Parton said that. I like that. I am starting the 30’s decade in one’s life, and think I will be exploring what that quote really means for the rest of my life. Well for now, I know who we are. We are CROSSFIT LEGENDS OF THE WILDERNESS! And we are gonna be here to stay! Make way and watch out Las Cruces cause we are barely getting started. It feels so good to say CrossFit. I have so many ideas that I hope you all will be excited about. One thing that I always wanted to do was host competitions. I want to have in house competition that will invite surrounding CrossFit gyms to compete. Albuquerque, El Paso, NMSU, UTEP, you name it. This will down the road of course, but excited to think of possibilities. The light that shines the furthest, shines the brightest at home. Our gym shines… it illuminates! Our members are the best, and that’s a fact. I know this to be very true.

Something quick to say about the workout and future workouts. We may be seeing similar movements show up more often than normal, but it is intentional as prep for the Open (sure glad we got affiliated on time!). They movement, or type of workout, will show up but in different styles, forms, and variations to give what ever desired stimulus is intended, and more so to get better at the movements that typically show up in the Open. So… if you did the Open before AWESOME let’s do it again! If not, well this year is your year to have at it. Grab it by the beard!

22nd of January Year 2019
1. Establish a Heavy 5 Rep Back Squat

2. Alternating EMOM 21
30 Sec Max Distances Row
8 Thrusters @135/95
30 Sec Max Double Unders


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