Mystery Workout

New addition to spruce up the place! It’s about time we have some fun and look good doing it! I got these industrial pipe set up to organize the medicine balls and it looks pretty great! Had some help putting it up some of the weightlifting class so thanks a bunch guys… Free coffee! haha. They are hanging by screws from floor flanges but should hold up well as long as we don’t add too much extra weight. I don’t have a good Segway to change the subject buuuuut… I mentioned something different we’ll be doing every other Friday. So, the workout will not be posted tonight… you will just have to come in tomorrow and find out 😉 I’m surprised no one has tried to guess what it’ll be, but it’s something I’ve always thought would be a good way to end the week and look forward to. So get ready for some fun! Literally. Oh and one more thing! Don’t forget about the potluck on Saturday. It didn’t seem like it interfered with things so it is still scheduled for this Saturday after brosesh, so around 12:30. If you can’t make it to brosesh don’t worry, you’re still welcome to come for the Potluck. Hoping to see as many faces as possible this Saturday!

OH yea, and remember, “The one who never falls, is a great human. The one who rises after falling a million times is a legend.”
-Prasad Kamune


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