Singing Dat Birthday Song Better Than Donkey Kong

If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.  Here are some nice little photos of this cheerful gem of a lady!  Marianne, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and all of CFLOTW is wishing you many blessings and many many more amazingly special days to come!  She even showed up on her bday to get in her sweat sesh… I’ll drink to that.  Happy Birthday week.  FYI a workout in IS the best hangover cure…. just saying.  😉


2nd Of February Year 2022

Strength & Conditioning
30 Sec Bike
7 Devil’s Press @50/35
30 Sec Strict Pull-Ups
7 Deadlifts @315/205
30 Sec Wallcrawls
Odd Object!

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