4 Weeks Left


It is now official that we now have until March 1st to make haste out and leave our home of almost 8 years.  Updates on where our new home will be are still to come.  For our Friday Funday – Open Workouts Edition, I was looking for something that had some pizazz, and that we may not be able to do for a while in case we aren’t able to immediately move into something.  I still have hope so please do not disappear.  And, like Krystal that sent me a text today saying she is sending positive vibes, I send positive vibes back to all of you!  Speaking of positive vibes……… Your finances is something you shouldn’t openly talk about with people outside your most inner circle, if any.  It’s just taboo.  That is why this has a certain amount of embarrassment tied with an enormous rock made of gratitude and appreciation.  And that rock sinks my embarrassment and/or pride to the bottom of Mariana Trench.  A few members of this wolf pack made a GoFundMe for the gym.  The link will be added below.  For me, this says volumes of what this gym, regardless of it’s location, means to its members.  I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I feel and how much it means to me seeing people come together like this to help get through these uncertain times, and help ensure we can continue doing what we do best.  Thank you :’)



For Time:
40 Muscle Ups or 60 Pull-Ups
80 Cal Row
120 Wallballs

20 Minute Time Cap and partitioned any way!

***You can perform the work for each movement in any order, and choose the size of each set, and switch between the sets and movements as needed and of your choice!

***The score from the Open in 2020 was the time it took to complete all 240 reps.  For all of us mortals that didn’t complete the entire workout under the 20 minute time cap, entered their score of the total number of reps completed when the time expired.

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