I spoke with some of you today and it’s not a fun topic.  Our previous estimated date we had to move out by was 45-60 days.  I was reallllllllly hoping it was closer to 60 days.  It is now in 35 days.  Beginning of March we will have to be out of our beloved gym.  But, like the words of Odin I believe to be true in so many profound ways, “Asgard is not a place, it’s a people.”  CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness is not a place, it’s a people.  These four walls have been home to me, to us, for many years.  But, we can rebuild… we must.  CrossFit isn’t like many other businesses in existence.  Far from it.  Our separation from conventional secular principals actually wouldn’t work in other trades and businesses… they would crumble under the participation, models and principals…. and we have always embraced these differences.  CrossFit, and CFLOTW, is a gym.  A facility and methodology that focuses on a strength and conditioning program and we operate as one… BUT, we actually are not in the fitness industry.  We are in the people industry.  You.  Please stay tuned for more to come…

P.S.  The suns getting real low…

25th Of January Year 2022

3 Sets Of:
90 Sec Sandbag Hold
30 Russian Twists
15 V-Ups
10 Lateral Bend Suitcase Carry; per side (I will go over this new one in our set up discussion)

Ladder Beginning @ 2 and Increasing by 2’s
Handstand Push-Ups
Hang Power Snatches @75/55
Immediately Into…
Ladder Beginning @ 2 and Increasing by 2’s
Box Jumps
Power Snatches @125/85

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