One More “From The Hat”

“From The Hat” has been an endearing tradition for me that we do every first Friday of the month.  I’ve never seen anything like it done in any other Affiliate…. and this format was actually used in the infamous “Hopper” in Dave Castro’s ranch for the very first CrossFit Games…. almost like we’re doing our own little Games every time we do this.  There were times I opted to do something else for whatever reason, participating in the another special workout that was going on or when the Open rolls around, but I always enjoy this tradition and seeing all the different workouts come out of that old straw hat.  I hope to see you all tomorrow for our last go around at From The Hat at this location…. maybe we’ll even do a “Deck Of Cards” sometime soon as well!  😉

4th Of February Year 2022

Before From The Hat, each class will have this strength piece to do:
Establish a 1 Rep Max Clean in 15 Minutes
**Power Clean or Squat Clean

“From The Hat!”

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