Custom Made

It only took 4 days… but I got 3 of them put it.  Haha.  I’ve been working on and off this week making these Wallball Shot targets.  My original plan was to make only two of them on the tall uprights on our Rogue rig, but having the whole sheet of MDF board I figured I can make mount one over each squat rack.  Thinking about it now, this would have been a good idea at the beginning of our COVID protocols using our designated workout stations lol oh well.  It might still help give a little more space against the walls when we have HSPU’s and wallballs together… just like tomorroooooooow!  You can, by all means, still use the wall and our old line targets if you feel more comfortable with them, but these may help some of you not having to go across the gym floor and use up precious workout time.  Annnnd, even more I am hoping these might be helpful to some of you women with that terrible metal lip and conduit piping that when it gets hit has that crazy medicine ball spin go rogue and come at you like you stole something.  Either way they look pretty sick!  They don’t look as spiffy in the pics, but…. you’ll just have to come in and check them out for yourself 😉  I will have more up tomorrow.


28th Of May Year 2021

Wide Grip Bench Press – 4×5
Narrow Grip Bench Press – 4×5

Fight Gone Bad style
Deadlifts @225/155
Tall Box Jump Overs
Walking Lunges/Rope Climbs
Handstand Push-Ups

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