WHAT A DAY!  I don’t want to toot my own horn… but uh Toot… Toot.  Haha.  Today was pretty darn good one.  I love workouts like that, even with as much anxiety setting up for it, the combo of that particular Accessory, that EMOM (My FAV), and finishing with that feeling of battery acid pumping through my vein ❤ heart emoji.  Well with Murph Prep moved to Monday this week, we didn’t get our Squats in!!  Ah!AH!AHHH!  So, I had planned to implement them later on for Wednesday session.  So here we are.  The start of a week with the high demand of Murph Prep was brutal, and so that Back Squats tomorrow will be somewhat of a deload Strength day… I don’t think that is a thing, but we’re calling it that.  The percentage isn’t too bad and the Pause Squat is focusing on opening stiffness and built up tightness downstream from the hips.  Use this as a tool to restore and regenerate the tight musculature that requires, needs, and greatly desires movement to maintain optimal function.  Remember, we are in the long game here…. to stay out of the nursing home and have fun doing it.  Even when aches and pains arise, doing what is necessary to get back to a whole functioning body, and sometimes modifications are necessary to tailor a more appropriate approach to the workout.  As Ben Bergeron say, “A low trajectory across a distant horizon.”  Think of it in these terms.  Going after the “100%” never works.  It’s either out of reach, unrealistic, and unattainable, and by some miracle if it is achieved, well then more than likely it won’t be sustainable.  1% a day.  Then over 100 days…. there, we get our 100%.

26th Of May Year 2021

Back Squats
1 Pause Squat + 2 Squats @75%+ 1RM


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