Weekend Binge Watching And Then Let’s Get Stronger!

Here is some weekend watching… if you haven’t seen it already.  Rogue made a series of documentaries covering the culture and heritage of stone lifting, and how it was influenced by the lifestyles of a “different time.”  In Iceland, being strong meant you got to work, leading to the ability to feed your family.  At times, they would test who was “Fit” to work on a ship by seeing if they could lift certain stones and those whose could, and who were the strongest, were chosen.  Being strong is much more than fun and games and looking good.  Being strong is surviving and at times providing what your family needs, both mentally and physically, and even surviving great odds and being here to talk about it today.  Some people jobs depend on it… others for recreational purposes… and sometimes, and I’ve meant several, that would say their fitness saved their lives.  Let’s train this summer and get even STRONGER!  Enjoy the videos.

I meant Miranda many years ago at one of my CrossFit Certifications a couple years after her accident.  She was the flow master of that seminar and use to be a competitive CrossFitter.  Her story is pretty incredible.  It is wroth the watch.  Enjoy 🙂

21st Of May Year 2021

Press – 3×1
Push Press – 3×3
Jerk (Split or Push) – 3×5

21 Kettlebell Swings @1.5 Pood
15 Handstand Push-Ups
9 Barbell Movement (Your Choice)

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