Time To Clean

During our weightlifting session today, we did a pretty cool little EMOM that I wanted to add for tomorrow’s programming.  I love EMOM’s.  My most favorite structure and style of workout.  Back when I was in college (that one is for you Doris!) I would do some sort of EMOM just about everyday.  I can … More Time To Clean

A Good Laugh

I’ve been mixing my protein powder wrong.  Been watching The Office for the first time and this clip was too good not to share.  I have to say, it sure it’s the same once Michael Scott left the office….. 13th Of October Year 2020 Accessory 4 Sets Of: 8 Alternating Single-Arm Turkish Sit-Ups 8 Bulgarian … More A Good Laugh

I Love Me Muscles

Happy Friday everyone!  Tomorrow’s workout will be the last of our “From The Hat” week.  This one was from the 6:30pm class.  Their strength piece included finding a Heavy Snatch… I don’t want to do that tomorrow… so here we are focusing on some “I Love Me” muscles!  Train those bi’s for the guys ladies… … More I Love Me Muscles

Bye Bye Shoulders

Another workout taken from Friday’s, “From The Hat!”  This one was a good one from 5:30 sesh.  Delilah wanted to add Sit-Ups to it, and being the super generous Coach that I am, I said absolutely.  They didn’t get added to the white board, so you all will just have to trust my word on … More Bye Bye Shoulders

Fun Week Ahead!

I mentioned last month that on the following week of “From The Hat,” we would do each of the work outs that came up for that week’s programming…. Let’s do it!  I may tweak them here and there, but the overall essence of the workout will remain.  For example, tomorrow’s workout had GHD’s from the … More Fun Week Ahead!


First Friday of the month means another pick “From The Hat” day!  I can’t wait to see all the funness you guys pick for your workouts.  Last month someone actually picked Murph!  It had never been pick.  It was a scaled version, but still cool to see it come up.  This cool and unique tradition … More FROM THE HAT!