Fun Week Ahead!

I mentioned last month that on the following week of “From The Hat,” we would do each of the work outs that came up for that week’s programming…. Let’s do it!  I may tweak them here and there, but the overall essence of the workout will remain.  For example, tomorrow’s workout had GHD’s from the 9:30am class.  GHD’s worked perfect because only 2 people were in attendance, so tomorrow that workout we’ll sub T2B’s in to replace them.  This won’t happen every month, but I thought it’d be a fun idea for this month to get a taste of what the other sessions had concocted up and had to go through!  If the workout that you attended last Friday for From The Hat, then I’ll change the movements for you since you just did that workout.  Sooooooo…. don’t not show up because your workout from Friday appears.  I’m like Allstate Insurance… you’re in good hands!


5th Of October Year 2020


Back Squats (This was not “From The Hat, but keeping Monday’s Squat sessions) #thestruggleisreal
4 Set of:
8 Reps @55%1RM, Tempo 2020


Back Squat @80% w/ 5 Second Pause each Rep

Bar-Facing Burpees
Toes To Bar
**18 Russian Kettlebell Swings ONLY ON THE EVEN ROUNDS**

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