Bye Bye Shoulders

Another workout taken from Friday’s, “From The Hat!”  This one was a good one from 5:30 sesh.  Delilah wanted to add Sit-Ups to it, and being the super generous Coach that I am, I said absolutely.  They didn’t get added to the white board, so you all will just have to trust my word on this 😉  I love that every element from these workouts has a specific reasoning behind them because of one of you kind folks.

6th Of October Year 2020

Begin w/ Randy @ 62 Reps of Power Snatches @75/55 (Like is a hero workout and that is the Rx’d weight. If you need to tailor towards your individual needs and abilities DO IT, it is intended to be at a very light weight of Power Snatches. I’ve seen the original prescription @ 75 reps done unbroken… yes, without letting the bar go and UNBROKEN… so set up for super light weight!


For Remainder of 30 Minutes Complete:
40 Sit-Ups
30 Push Press @Randy weight
20 OTB Burpees (If you ask nicely, you may sub the beloved Burpees for Ballslams)
10 Devil’s Press

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