Time To Clean

During our weightlifting session today, we did a pretty cool little EMOM that I wanted to add for tomorrow’s programming.  I love EMOM’s.  My most favorite structure and style of workout.  Back when I was in college (that one is for you Doris!) I would do some sort of EMOM just about everyday.  I can probably write a book about them… a short book… one that is leather bound and smells of rich mahogany.

14th Of October Year 2020

2 Power Clean and Jerks
***Increasing throughout the EMOM and end with a “Daily Heavy Double”
***Find a true Heavy Double because the workout we will use a percentage from it!

Power Clean and Jerks @65% from Heavy established in EMOM above!!
1 Round of Cindy
***Every Round the Clean and Jerks increase by 1 Rep, the Cindy STAYS at 1 round for all 10 Rounds!
***Cindy is:
-5 Pull-Ups
-10 Push-Ups
-15 Air Squats

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