I Love Me Muscles

Happy Friday everyone!  Tomorrow’s workout will be the last of our “From The Hat” week.  This one was from the 6:30pm class.  Their strength piece included finding a Heavy Snatch… I don’t want to do that tomorrow… so here we are focusing on some “I Love Me” muscles!  Train those bi’s for the guys ladies… and gentlemen, it’s all about curls for the girls!  Plus, we did plenty of Snatches on both weightlifting classes this week.  The workout has a significant amount of Deadlifts in it.  I wrote a quick fine print under the workout about the loading for this one.  Little fact… the Deadlift use to be called the Health Lift, but they change it because it makes sense that for the movement you are lifting dead weight.

9th Of October Year 2020

Strength – Alternating
A1) Bench Press

A2) Dumbbell Bicep Curls
“The Houston Complex”
**I will cover what this complex is but it is for some legit bicep focused muscle growth!

10 Rounds Of:
9 Deadlifts @165/115, or 185/135
8 Handstand Push-Ups
7 BUS Burpees
**This workout has 90 deadlifts! Keep the loading appropriate for your capacity. Usually an in-between weight from the 2 provided will be most tailored to your abilities as we are all special little unicorns.

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