Weekend Homework

And for tonight’s entertainment.  Sam told me about a movie that illustrated today’s pandemic…. to the T!  Contagion is on Hulu if you wanna check it out.  Caitlin and I watched it yesterday, and I couldn’t believe how much that movie paralleled our nation’s, and the world’s, current COVID-19 crisis.  It’s a well made movie with a ton of talent from actors you will be familiar with.

I wanted to add this video.  Boredom.  I think many of us are getting…. bored.  This video is intriguingly inspiring to the idea that boredom is a special feeling humans have that leads us to do great things!  Perhaps even one of our greatest “sublime” emotions that extends past the vast universe’s ability to satisfy our creativity and needs.  I kinda stole that part from the video.  I hope you watch it.  Enjoy

26th Of June Year 2020

EMOM 14 – Alternating
6 Push Press
30 Sec Box Jumps

10 Rounds For Time Of:
4 Deadlifts @275/195
7 Toes to Bar
20 Double Unders

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