I Didn’t Forget About You Matt Johnson

I had these sent to me after I made the post about our Graduates, but I definitely wanted to make sure I posted them to give an appropriate shot out to Matty!  Congrats again my friend.  I hope you keep in touch because I would love to see where you end up and what amazing things you will be doing.  Best of luck from all the CFLOTW crew!


One announcement I would like to make (also before I forget), well it isn’t really an annoucement.  But, what do you guys think of SugarWod?  Do you like it?  Not care for it?  Please let me know.  If finances right now were a nuclear power plant, they would have evacuated the city…. remeber Chernobyl.  Just kidding, but I haven’t seen much activity on there.  We can keep it if you guy like it.  I thought SugarWod was a great website with extremely creative ideas!

17th Of June Year 2020


30 Sec Row
4 Power Cleans
18 Wallballs
30 Sec ME Ballslams (Use Disinfectant wipies for these instead of Concentrated Spray Bottles… Please and thank you!)
2 Squat Cleans

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