Happy Father’s Day

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!  I hope all you deserving dads got to enjoy your special day with loved ones.  We even have some dads with new additions to their growing families, and others that celebrated their very first Father’s Day ever!  CFLOTW wishes all that these important individuals that are growing the next generation of men and women a very well deserving Father’s Day.  And of course the biggest to my Viejo.  He’s my hero… he’s been my hero all my life.  I think most little boys grow up idolizing their dads.  I hope when I have children they look up and speak of me how I do of my father.  Great men leave great legacies.  My dad has something about him that people are drawn to.  It can’t be taught, but it’s observable.  Thank you for always being there for me and my sisters, and showing us what it means to be a man of faith, loyalty, strength, and love.


22nd Of June Year 2020

5 Sets
Back Squat w/ 6 sec Pause + Back Squat – (1+2)
*Build To A Heavy

300m Row
15 Dumbbell Cleans
20 Dumbbell Squats
40 Sit-Ups

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