I feel that the past couple weeks we’ve been hitting some tough workouts, and we’re feeling a little beat up.  This is actually expected.  We’ve been out of our routine since middle of March!  One thing I would like to mention is DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOUR POST QUARENTINE SELF!  It was enough time to have loss some gainz… but you know what… that’s OKAY.  I’m ok with seeing some of you fitter than I am and being passed on workout… well I’m not ok with it lol, but I have accepted it.  The good part is we can get back to it muuuuuch faster this time around than the first.  It’s not going to take the 2 years you’ve been CrossFitting, maybe 2 months.  That’s a nice trade off actually.  But be consistent.  I wasn’t a good student in college.  I couldn’t expect to not do my homework, and not study, and expect to go to my exams and A’s them.  It isn’t fair to yourself to put those expectations on yourself.  Enjoy the parts that gets you where you want to go (the process) and remember that you do this for you.  Your health, your wellness, your fitness, your mental and emotional well-being!  It’s a hard pill to swallow, but just get it down and like most things in life…. It’s simple, but not easy (I need my screen printer and make these T-Shirts! lol), so I say again.  Just be consistent.

If it can be fun… than it should!


Dizzy says hi!

19th Of June Year 2020

Choose From the List:
1 Bear Complex
2 Squat Snatches
2 Heavy Thrusters Off the Rack
3 Split Jerks
4 Bench Press

***Enjoy 😉

4 Intervals Of 2 Mins On: 1 Min Off
5 Deadlifts @315/195
10 Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunges
5 Deadlifts @Same Weight
ME Handstand Push-Ups

***I got exciting writing this one up!

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