Constantly Varied

The plan was to do Frantasyland tomorrow… but, after doing today’s workout I think we’ll save it for another day.  Visually they look a little similar, but the stimulus is drastically different.  The major comparison that dictated the change was the time frame.  It was going to be another long workout… that means low intensity.  The longer the time frame one works, the induced stimulus inadvertently becomes to exchange duration with a lower intensity.  We’ve hit a bunch of those lately.  People don’t sprint marathons… well normal people don’t.  Unless you are Sophia… then you do sprint 26.2 miles.  I like the beautiful symmetry of today’s workout and what will be programmed tomorrow.  But, drastically different result…. the “feels” as kids would say these days.  The decrease of reps of today’s workout and the observable increase of the mountain of repetitions created by tomorrow’s workout.  Finishing stronger than you started versus fighting to claim the desired sustainable pace from the beginning.  Control versus chaos.   Good versus bad.  Night versus day.  Ying and yang.  Tomato, tom”ah”toe.  Too deep?


24th Of June Year 2020

In 12 Minute Build to a Heavy
Clean Deadlift with Pause Below the Knee + Hang Power Clean + Power Clean – (2+1+1)

Ladder Increasing by 4’s (I like Ladders)
Thrusters @95/65
Handstand Push-Ups

Rest 3 Mins

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Thrusters @135/95
CTB Pull-Ups

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