Become Reckless… At Times

Can you go UNBROKEN?  I believe it can be done.  I believe we will see it.  I wanted to put a time cap to encourage a fast pace on tomorrow’s workout.  But, like many things in life, tomorrow’s workout is about getting the quality with the quantity.  Keep things moving on this one and doing them lightning fast… ALL  100 reps on the Wallballs, and ALL the 45 Burpees.  No room to make a plan, just pedal to the metal, and light your hair on fire!  This is the type of workout you want to take a chance and have little to no reserve.  The rep scheme goes down so be reckless on this one!  But, with good form obviously, and the squat always takes priority on the Wallballs.  Burpees….. go nuts.

21st Of October Year 2020

Push Jerks


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