Friday Funday

New equipment means we just have to break them in.   So, I have to confess… a smart business owner, in these times, wouldn’t buy new equipment.  Make due with what we have… we’re in a pandemic, and much of our short, and long, term future is very much unknown.  But… I never said I was smart.   I ordered these when I had to buy some replacement Pull-Ups bands as some of them were tearing one after another when we were using the bleach solution to clean our equipment.  My dad and I are making custom cabinets for a new house being built.  We turn hardwood lumber, and sheets of Grade A premium plywood into beautiful kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities… this lucky new home owner is getting two enormous corner cabinets in their master bedroom closet and barndoors in the dining room that are probably going to outlive me…. jealous?  I am actually.  I’ll post some pics on Sunday’s blog after we install them.  I couldn’t get out of my head that we need more cardio machines.  That was the plan for 2020 anyways.  I intentional haven’t been programming running, and won’t in the foreseen future for the remainder of the year.  So, it was weighing on my mind.  This kitchen gave me time with my dad and some walkin around money.  I hope you enjoy them.


23rd Of October Year 2020

**Every Round the weight on the barbell Increases! You choose your increments, but keep them similar and constant… Don’t make a 50 Pound jump and then 5 pounds every round after that. Anticipate and plan for about 5 different loads… so, have a starting point, and have about where you want to finish, and then fill in the gaps between using appropriate and similar jumps as you increase throughout the AMRAP… Should be a fun one!
18 Cal Bike
14 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Power Cleans *OR* 10 Power Snatches (Your Choice!.. You’re Welcome)

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