Games Week

Go fast.. don’t stop.. and then go faster.  That’s the secret to CrossFit, among a few other things that kinda matter like good form, continuously increasing your capacity across broad time and modal domain, and knowing your abilities to best execute the task at hand…. another way is to observe those that are the best at our sport by watching the CrossFit Games this coming week!  It’s a pretty different format this year, to say the least, but it’s better than no Games.  Watch the upcoming 2020 CrossFit Games with the top 5 males and females from around the globe compete to hold the title “The Fittest On Earth,” in Aromas CA with some of the events back at the Ranch!  Can anyone take the throne from the reigning champs?  Can Tia-Clair Toomey be beaten??

19th Of October Year 2020

Back Squats
3×5 @80%
3×2 @90%

250m Row
12 Overhead Squats @75/55 or 115/80
14 Ballslams

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