Lucky Number 7

7 is my favorite number.  Tomorrow is 7.7.2020.  That’s pretty cool.  So, as a ploy to lure you all in… uhhh I mean as a treat, there will be a winner from each class that will leave with a FREE O2 Recovery Drink.  This is not for the “Winner,” of the workout, it’ll be for who brings the most spirit to the workout, and in life.  I know it’s not much… but, as hot as it’s been, there’s no better way to recover than with an ice cold O2!!  I thought about whittling some wooden spoons but they take way to long to make… ain’t no body got no time fo that!  Good luck!


7th Of July Year 2020

5 Sets Of:
Max Effort Box Jumps (Height)
Max Effort Unbroken Double Unders
Max Effort Handstand Hold

With A Weight Vest
Ladder Increasing by 2’s!
Sumodeadlift High Pulls (Grab the HEAVIEST kETTLEBELL you can carry to your workout area)
Toes To Bar
Burpee Box Jump Overs

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