Oak Trees

img_1817“There are two good times to plant an Oak Tree.  The first was 20 years ago.  The second is today.”

Many of you may have heard this quote at some point.  I enjoy it.  Many times we hear things over and over again, but sometimes those same wise words, what ever they may be, resignate with you to a much higher degree depending on the season and chapter that we’re in of our lives.  I enjoy working with wood.  Making something from what was once a rooted organism that is sometimes taken for granted.  I often get lost in videos and articles of the old ways woodworkers made things.  It’s a trade I hope is never forgotten.  That interest I owe to my father.  The oldest living organism is actually a tree in the northern alps and is over 5,000 years old.  The largest living organism is also a tree.  It is a collective of trees that all share the same root system.

Oak trees depending on their species don’t produce acorns til they are about 20-30 years old… and even then they are inconsistent in that production.  Oak trees in maturity have peak acorn production from 50-80 years old, and do so with consistency even in harsh weather conditions like freezes and droughts.  They can do this because they reach their roots deep into the ground instead of relying on the what the weather can deliver each season surviving on immediate sources.  Maybe your best days are ahead of you.  Maybe you just haven’t found what you are looking for that will produce the best fruit for yourself and others.  The oak tree in a meniscal state can produce the same substance as an oak tree in maturity, but not with the same consistency.  Maybe your best season in producing the best acorns are still ahead of you.

8th Of July Year 2020

Bench Press

For Time:
20 Power Cleans @185/125
30 Push Press @115/80
40 Wallballs
150 Double Unders
40 Medicine Ball Sit-Ups
30 Push Press @115/80
20 Power Cleans @185/125

***Scale accordingly! Cleans should be heavy enough you need to drop each rep, but nothing you would, or will, ever fail at because of load.

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