Nothing But Steel

Only a couple days apart and I already miss you…. the barbell. 14th Of May Year 2019 Strength  A) Back Squat 3×2 @85%1RM 2×2 @90%1RM B) Split Jerk Build to a Heavy Trip Conditioningish C) Bring Sally Up! ***Enjoy***

I Love Me Muscles

Taking a little different approach to the workout today. We got a lot of focus on what I like to call the “I love me muscles.” Usually, or really never, have we got to do a class workout with bench press in it. I figure.. why not. Also, remember that the programming like many out … More I Love Me Muscles


Do you recall running into a person and just connecting.  Something makes it easy to relate to this person for a reason you can’t just put your finger on… but it’s there.  I find it enjoyable, satisfying, easy actually, but also necessary to talk to people.  Our Legend of the Month is one that inspires … More LEGEND of May

1,800 Seconds

I hope everyone had a great, and safe, Cinco De Mayo weekend. Murph Prep continuation is under way. Tomorrow is just around variation of that preparation. 30 minutes is still just 30 minutes… think of it like just as watching an episode of Friends, or half of The Voice!  There will even be singing involved! … More 1,800 Seconds

Friday Funday!

First Friday of the month means only one thing…. Pick From The Hat! You guys piece the workout together, I’m just there to “Supervise.” 3rd Of May Year 2019 PICK FROM THE HAT