I Love Me Muscles

Taking a little different approach to the workout today. We got a lot of focus on what I like to call the “I love me muscles.” Usually, or really never, have we got to do a class workout with bench press in it. I figure.. why not. Also, remember that the programming like many out there is programmed for the elite, and then we scale from there. We scale to meet the induce desired stimulus. It’s super cool to be able to do things prescribed, and I encourage everyone to work towards that, but many times there is an intentional stimulus we are looking for. Using the weights too heavy can change the workout out of its focus and purpose. When we have a fast workout and the weights are heavy enough to slow you down, it changes the workout, and sometimes that’s ok for some. But remember, most of the times be deliberate in your approach to the workout that we get as much out of it as we can.

Core Drills
Tabata – Alternating
Hollow Holds
Medball Sit-Ups

7 Rounds of:
5 Bench Press @185/125
10 Toes to Bar
10 Dumbbell Box Step ups (Like we saw in the Open)

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