Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Today we got to honor, and celebrate, all mothers and maternal figures.  To every mama, stepmama, mother-in-law, and everyone that has been like a mother to someone.  Thank you for your support, guidance, and love throughout our falls and rises.  Thank you for taking me school shopping every year and being patient listening to what pants I can wear with what shirt.  Thank you for helping me when school tuition got tough, and I didn’t make enough that summer and couldn’t enroll in classes, so you lent me the money.  Thank you for buying my first guitar when I wanted to take classes in middle school.  Thank you for encouraging me to keep drawing when I use to hate it and thought I’d never draw again.  Thank you for buying tires for my truck when they were bald as Joe’s and Jerod’s head, and I couldn’t afford new ones so you made me go buy them, and gave me your credit card.  Thank you for being my movie buddy when it was tough for me to make friends and didn’t have anyone to go with.  Thank you for always laughing at my stupid jokes when it’s just me laughing and my sisters have that stank look on their faces.  Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t in myself.  Thank you for supporting me in what ever I wanted to do, and making me feel like I have a purpose.  Most of all thank you for being a woman my sister’s and I could look up to that shows us how a woman that loves the Lord should look like.  I love you Mami.  (Yea, I still call my mom that so everyone SHUUUT UP!!)

13th Of May Year 2019

***Murph Prep!!*** 
Min 0-15
10 Ring Dips
20 Burpees (These Burpees with be done with 2 Push-Ups at the bottom, instead of the traditional 1 PU)
20 Pistols
400m Run
Min 15-30
10 Toe To Bars
20 Pull-Ups
20 Pistols
400m Run

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