Gym Fam… Duty Calls!!


What I truly love about CrossFit is how close a community can become. I love ours. Lezlie had a great idea. Here is a note she left for Vicki. “Vicki and Cory Hujing are expecting their 2nd baby and having some complications. They are currently in Houston, staying close to Dr.’s and the hospital until delivery (August). We are collecting items to help during this time and also brighten their day!!
-Cards and notes of encouragement
-Visa Gift cards
-Restaurant gift cards
-Etc… and Please bring your items by 5/20!
This is such a great idea. I know Cory and Vicki would love to know that they are being thought of if we all contribute. I’m sure anything will help them and let them know their gym fam cares about this little upcoming new member of their growing family! GOOD LUCK VIC AND CORY!! Let us know if you need anything.

10th Of May Year 2019

5 Snatches
5 Thrusters

Ladder Increasing by 3’s
Deadlifts @245/165
Box Jumps

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